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Logging Attachments


For the last thirty five years, Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation has perfected the logging grapple. Capable of lifting, grabbing, moving and adjusting multiple sizes of logs and debris making any logging operation easier. The past thirty years Crane Equipment has updated and improved or logging grapple to better assist or customer. Additions such as replaceable CAT tips, Gunnabo hooks, and continuous rotation are all options we offer to our customers. Being a company that prides itself on customization, we allow multiple sizes and models. Most common sizes we manufacture are 40" - 44", however this is subject to change depending on our customers needs and desires. We also offer an HD model with heavy duty grapple cylinders, thicker steel, replaceable CAT tips, and much more. Here at Crane Equipment we want to ensure our customers a piece of equipment they can count on and with 35 years of improvements, we guarantee our logging grapples will satisfy.

The Grizzly Logging Grapple/Attachment includes the following:

  • Full customization in color, work ability, function, and necessities.

  • Affordable prices for fully custom grapple/attachments that cannot be beat by any other manufacturer. 

  • The head is customized to meet customer’s stick linkage bolt pattern

  • Any size grapple arm pins with long bushings for maximum pin life

  • Replaceable hardened bushings in grapple ears for extended pin/ear life

  • Typically, 3” grapple cylinder clevis for extended durability

  • Replaceable CAT tips

  • Complete owner’s manual

  • Same day service & parts availability

Different facilities that utilize Grizzly Logging Grapples and Attachments:

  • Wood Mills

  • Logging Operations

  • Landscaping

  • Debris Cleanup

  • Etc.

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