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Are you having difficulty “grappling” your solid waste and/or debris handling? Are you looking for a custom grapple/attachment that will help get the job done? Is your current grapple/attachment worn out or not doing the job? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the solution for you! We want to introduce you to the most dependable, hard-working, and long-lasting attachments and grapples used in the solid waste, material handling, landscaping, and logging industry. We have designed grapples/attachments to fit the following brand name backhoes and excavators; Komatsu, Link Belt, J.I. Case, John Deere, Caterpillar, etc. Our engineers work closely with the backhoe and excavator manufacturers and customers to make sure the Grizzly grapples and attachments are precisely customized to your machine. Please consider this “bear” of a grapple for your materials-handling, solid waste, & logging needs. Crane equipment is known for making just about any custom design grapple or attachment to best fit your needs and desires. The grapple and attachments provided below are not our only models. We work closely with our customers to custom design and create a unique and one of a kind grapples/attachments to achieve customer satisfaction.


Solid Waste 

One of the strongest and most durable grapple known to the solid waste industry. This Grapple forms a flat base when jaw is in the closed position. In this position, the grapple is used as a tamper for compacting and rearranging refuse. If used in the open position, the grapple can pick up refuse or other objects weighing as much as 20,000 lbs. while lifting vertically. The grapple allows the operator the versatility of lifting or compacting without changing attachments. With customized heavy duty grapple cylinder guards, this grapple ensures durability and long working hours. It has a fully continuous rotation option that allows operators to not worry about a 180 degree rotation restriction. With proper operation, and maintenance, this attachment is known to last up to twenty years or more. This grapple is among a favorite of our customers and has been the number one choice for most solid waste transfer stations across the United States.


The best solution for all your compacting needs. The tamper is the ideal attachment for any machine when it comes to compacting. Let it be garbage, debris, recycling or anything that needs compacted this will do the job. Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation prides itself in customization and are willing to offer any customization however there are two common sizes known as the short and tall tamper. The tampers help utilize the machines power in crushing, pushing and compacting most anything. It is made if top of the line steel and meant to last. There are tamper attachments older than thirty years that are still being used daily. This is of course with proper up keep and maintenance. All our attachments are inner changeable and we can create a custom head to fit whatever machine you are operating.

Material Handling 

Thanks to our ingenious engineers, Crane Equipment is known for our ability to customize anything that's possible. Almost all of our material handling grapples/attachments are custom made to order and one of a kind. If you can think it, Crane Equipment can most likely make it. You can see in our images all the different type of grapples we have created to help suit our customers need. From sorting and moving massive amounts of aluminum, the ability to pick up, handel and move rail road pole and rail, to organizing and sorting all sorts of awkward shaped materials. If you have a special design in mind or need something you’ve never seen before, Crane Equipment will work exclusively with you with a price no other manufacturer can beat.

Retainer Walls

This is the perfect example on how Crane Equipment can make just about any custom grapple that will fit our customers custom needs. This one of a kind attachment makes building retainer walls easy and efficient. It can attach to just about any machines, with an easy release to switch out attachments as needed. It has special clamps that holds the retainer cement four at a time. There, it is able to rotate the retainers and move them so they are strategically placed. It makes building retainer walls fast and efficient. Not only does it cut costs but also speeds up the project making it cost effective. 


For the last thirty five years, Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation has perfected the logging grapple. Capable of lifting, grabbing, moving and adjusting multiple sizes of logs and debris making any logging operation easier. The past thirty years Crane Equipment has updated and improved or logging grapple to better assist or customer. Additions such as replaceable CAT tips, Gunnabo hooks, and continuous rotation are all options we offer to our customers. Being a company that prides itself on customization, we allow multiple sizes and models. Most common sizes we manufacture are 40" - 44", however this is subject to change depending on our customers needs and desires. We also offer an HD model with heavy duty grapple cylinders, thicker steel, replaceable CAT tips, and much more. Here at Crane Equipment we want to ensure our customers a piece of equipment they can count on and with 35 years of improvements, we guarantee our logging grapples will satisfy.

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