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Parts & Services

Here at Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation we pride ourselves on American hand made parts and services. Made with the best quality material made by the most experienced employees. Crane Equipment strives for longevity and quality in all of our parts and after almost forty years we have done our best to perfect each and every part we manufacture.


Most of our items are custom built and made just for our machines. For the most common models, we try and have most parts stocked and available for next day shipping that way our customers have little to no down time. Here at Crane Equipment we do all of our own machining, welding, electrician work, hydraulics, engineering, assembling and full manufacturing.

Most of our parts are made in our factory located in Eugene Oregon, excluding things such as seal, bolts, pumps, nuts, washers, and small or speciality items. We use nothing but top quality steel and materials to ensure longevity and dependability. Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation understands the need for parts and service you can count on and result we have on of the lowest shop rates in the industry. 

Rebuilt Program

One of the many things that set us apart from our competitors is our rebuilt program. Here we offer rebuilt parts at half the cost of new with a like new warranty. We stand behind the quality and dependability of our work. Parts such as cylinders, grapples, booms, cabs, mast are just a few examples of parts we rebuild. As one can imagine these parts go fast and we only offer what we have in stock. With this program we also offer core returns, where we offer credit depending on evaluation. This ensures we get back the parts that can be rebuilt so you can purchase items at a more affordable price. 

With that being said we also rebuild entire machines. When we get customer’s old parts we go through them completely, replace all components unable to be rebuilt and any questionable apparatuses so it runs like new. Like our other rebuilt items, these machines have a like new warranty and have limited availability. They are sold on a first come first serve basis due to limited stock.


To ensure this program is available to our customers we require a core return on our customers’ old parts so we can rebuild and make like new. Often times these cores can be used to help cushion the cost depending on current state and condition of the core. Upon receival the customers may have a credit back to them making the already half priced part that much more affordable. 

Depend on Us!

One thing that sets our company apart from other manufacturers in the industry is the fact most of all our parts are on the shelf ready to send out at our customer's’ convenience. We understand downtime is costly and that our customers want to avoid it all cost. As the sole source of our machines and parts we do our best to have all major components and parts on the shelf ready to ship. We also work closely with our freight and shipping companies to insure optimal shipping costs and time to best suit our customers.

Once our customers start working with Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation, they will see that nothing is more important to us that our customers satisfaction. We want to ensure you that our product is top of the line and dependable. There are thirty year old machines still in operation. With regular maintenance we an promise our machines and parts will last. We stay true to our warranties and have no problem replacing items that could be defective. The parts we do not manufacture ourselves like pumps,

valves, steel, etc, we make sure it made in the USA, top of the line and meant to last. We strive for the best possible design you can get for your money and promise that we will be committed to you and your machine. With over forty years of experience you will receive nothing but the best technicians to help troubleshoot over the phone or even come out to your operation and help with any issues you may encounter. 

Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation is constantly upgrading and growing to be the most efficient, dependable and cost effective as possible. 

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