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About Crane Equipment MFG. Corporation

Grizzly - Proven Experience 

Beginning in 1977 with an adapted log-loader, the ever improving Grizzly cranes have earned a place in not only the logging industry but also the marine and solid waste industry from coast to coast. A family owned business that prides its self on manufacturing completely custom made to order, manufactured from the ground up in our facility, located in Eugene, Oregon. Crane Equipment Mfg. Corp. strives to provide our customers with long lasting machines, made of the highest quality materials, and the most up to date and thrilling technology. Our integrity and attention to our customers’ needs is our number one priority.  We drop everything to ensure our customers’ request and our product and services meet their expectations. With 44 years of experience Jack T. Makinson leads this company, moving forward with the newest technology, best designs, and long lasting machines while keeping strong to our customer service values. 

If you're intested in recieving a quote or getting a few questions answered about our parts, service, or even for a machine, please don't hesitate to send us an email. We look forward in hearing from you!


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