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160 C Logging Model 

Solid Waste Grapple

Since 1977 hundreds of Grizzly knuckleboom cranes fitted with solid waste grapples have been shipped, pre-tested and fully assembled to sites all over the United States and Canada. The Grizzly Solid Waste Grapple / Tamper is a combination tamper and bucket. Our grapple design has been time-tested and can go on our stationary cranes or on most backhoes and excavators. Grizzly Solid Waste Grapple / Tamper components are assembled to provide greater protection to cylinders, etc. They are crafted by hand, and with pride. You cannot buy a higher quality attachment.


The Grizzly grapple includes the following:


  • Two 3 1/2” open and close grapple cylinders

  • 360-degree continuous rotation, using heavy duty Rotek 20” slew bearing (no spindle or roller bearings to wear out)

  • The head is customized to meet customer’s stick linkage bolt pattern

  • 52” jaw opening to allow removal of large objects from the waste stream

  • Flat tamping surface when grapple is closed which allows a single attachment for grappling and compacting

  • All exposed hoses are guarded, guards over grapple cylinders

  • Grapple orbit motor can be removed without disassembling the grapple

  • Continuous rotation and stick linkage travel range allow precise movements, operator effectively has extended hand and wrist movement

  • Field-tested and proven, design evolution based on real transfer station experience

      since 1977

  • 2” grapple arm pins with long bushings for maximum pin life

  • Replaceable hardened bushings in grapple ears for extended pin/ear life

  • 3” grapple cylinder clevis for extended durability

  • Complete owner’s manual

  • Same day service & parts availability

Built to Bear Your Load!

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