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Customer Testimonials

If you're intested in recieving a quote or getting a few questions answered about our parts, service, or even for a machine, please don't hesitate to send us an email. We look forward in hearing from you!


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Our customers are the most important aspect to our company. Nothing prides us more than customer satisfaction and a product our customers can trust 100%. Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corp. is known to stop everything they are doing to ensure our customer's needs. Our urgency to get parts out and service done as soon as possible is met with accuracy and efficiency. We want nothing more to provide a service and product our customers can count on but also count on us for maintenance and repair. For years we have built our reputation on excellent customer service not because we have to but because we want to. We want our customers to come in feeling welcomed and feel a sense of urgency and care when they speak with us so when they leave with their service, parts, or product they feel like we gave them our all and then more. 


We sincerely appreciate everything our customers do for us and can not thank them all for making it possible to be where we are today. Below are a few kind words from various customers that have been satsified with our service and product. Nothing more honest than the words straight from our customers. 

Doug Jones Sawmill

"Obviously Grizzly is a fine product as ours is still functioning very well and I pass this on to others in our industry. 


Keep up the fine work & business."


              -  Doug Jones

Comstock Inc.

"I am extremely happy with my new logging grapple from Crane Equipment. It's one of the best attachments I have used. Best thing my money could have bought."


              -  Lowell Solsebee 

Jeff Rolls Logging Inc.

"I very much appreciate the way you helped me get my loader back together again. I think your company has the best attitude of any I have done business with. If or when the time comes that we need major repairs, I will call you first."


              -  Jeff Rolls

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