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215 MT Logging Model 

Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation’s 215 MT Log Loader is among the most efficient and versatile of our logging machines. It’s the ideal machine for a moderate to heavy volume operation, that needs efficient and adequaint movability. This model outshines other models in most scanerios and is a great work horse! Like all of other Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation’s machines, the 215 MT Log Loader Model is high customizable and offer a multitude of additional options and extras. Here at Crane Equipment Mfg. Corp. we pride ourselves on our custom hand built machines, and are here to help achieve the machine you have in mind. 



160 C Log Loader available in but not limited to:

  • HD Package

  • 44" XHD Log Grapple

  • 21'6", 23', 25' Boom Length Choices

  • Top of the Line Oil Cooler


Key Beneficial Features:

  • 360° non-continuous rotation 44" Log Grapple

  • Triple hydraulic pump

  • Self-aligning bearings on main jib and outrigger cylinders

  • Triple gear pump with approximately 75 G.P.M at 1,200 RPM

  • 64-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir with weather sealed access

Built to Bear Your Load!

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