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160 SW Stationary Model


Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation’s 160 SW Stationary Model is among the most efficient and agile of our machines. It’s the ideal machine for a smaller volume transfer station, that needs efficient and quick movability. This model outshines other models in tight working conditions. Like all of other Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation’s machines, the 160 SW Stationary Model is high customizable and offer a multitude of additional options and extras. Here at Crane Equipment Mfg. Corp. we pride ourselves on our custom hand built machines, and are here to help achieve the machine you have in mind. 


160 SW Stationary Model configurations available in but not limited to:

  • Power Above

  • Remote Power Back with any Configuration 

  • Single Operator for 1-2 Compactors

  • Sing Power Pack for 1-2 Compactors


Key Beneficial Features:

  • 50, 75 , 100 hp elextric motor options

  • 125 gallon hydraulic tank with low oil shut off

  • 2 return-line filters & 3 suction filters

  • Dual hydraulic remote controls for main/jib swing and wristing. 

  • Hydrualically operated, electronically powered offering little to no pollution or admittance of dangerous fumes 



Built to last!

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