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160 SW Stationary Model

160 SW Mobile Model

Norpac Disposal OR 3

Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation’s 160 SW Mobile Model is the ideal work horse for any and all applications. It is by far one of the most versatile machines in the industry and can be used for a multitude of jobs. Ideal for road clean up, landscaping, storm debris removal, garbage pickup and dumpster tampering, tree planting and removal, wood debris, etc. Like all of other Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation’s machines, the 160 SW Mobile Model is highly customizable and offer a multitude of additional options and extras. Here at Crane Equipment Mfg. Corp. we pride ourselves on our custom hand built machines, and are here to help achieve the machine you have in mind. Think of each of our machines being a base model for your future machine, where we can add all other necessary details to help ensure the perfect hand crafted piece of equipment for the job at hand. With proper maintenance  “Grizzly” Cranes are known to outlast all other competitors.


Key Beneficial Features:

  • Extremely versatile machine

  • Handmade and custom order with the best quality materials available

  • Options and additions are endless

  • Over 16,000 lb. lift

  • Triple hydraulic system allowing 100% independent swing control

  • Completely enclosed cab with guarded windows for outmost safety is an available option

  • Air conditioning & heating in the ca for comfortability is an available option


Check out the 160 SW Mobile "Grizzly" in action!

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