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Welcome to your Solid Waste, Logging & Material Handling Solution

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Need a loader built to last?

Looking for a dependable & long lasting Knuckleboom crane for your solid waste, logging, material handling, recycling, landscaping marine, and/or many other needs? Look no further, here at Crane Equipment Mfg. Corporation, we build our machines from the ground up. Priding ourselves on completely American made, custom built to order for what ever your needs may be. With 46 years of experience, our customers' satisfaction is number one. What set's us apart in the industry is our customer service and support. Following with our constant parts/components stocked on our shelves ready for next day shipping keeping down time to an absolute minimum. Here at Crane Equipment Mfg. Corporation, our quality in machinery and customer satisfaction are priority. 
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Why Choose Crane Equipment MFG. Corp?

Great Low Prices - Competitive pricing on all of our parts, loaders, grapples, & services with high-end American made materials & products. We have one of the lowest hydraulic shop rates you'll find in the industry with the highest quality of work provided. We pride ourselves on making it as affordable as possible for our customers, ensuring them the best prices around. Compared to our competitors, our prices cannot be beat for the quality of our product.

Outstanding Customer Satisfaction – Nothing is more important, than customer satisfaction. For the last 46 years, we have built a reputation that puts us above our competitors. Our machine's longevity speaks volumes. Hundreds of our machines are still running strong on a daily basis, built in the 70's & 80's. We go above and beyond to ensure the best product and service for our customers. Supporting all customers in the industry, we also re-pair and service other brands of self loaders, machinery & cylinders, etc. 

Same Day Parts – We offer same day part shipments, and have one of the quickest turnaround time on custom orders and rebuilt parts. As the sole source manufacturer, we keep our parts stocked on the shelf at all times, making it quick and convenient for our customers, despite the supply chain issues happening in our economy. Crane Equipment Mfg. Corp does everything we possibly can to get you up and running so you have little to no down time keeping parts and material stocked.

Customer Support – With decades of experience in the industry, Crane Equipment Mfg. Corp has the knowledge and background to walk our customers through any diagnostics over the phone. We provide step by step procedures for all aspects of our machinery. We offer in detail manuals for each model and will assist all of our customers with replacements procedures, repairs etc. Responds immediately to all questions and customer needs.

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