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Material Handling

The best solution for all your compacting needs. The tamper is the ideal attachment for any machine when it comes to compacting. Let it be garbage, debris, recycling or anything that needs compacted this will do the job. Crane Equipment Manufacturing Corporation prides itself in customization and are willing to offer any customization however there are two common sizes known as the short and tall tamper. The tampers help utilize the machines power in crushing, pushing and compacting most anything. It is made if top of the line steel and meant to last. There are tamper attachments older than thirty years that are still being used daily. This is of course with proper upkeep and maintenance. All our attachments are interchangeable and we can create a custom head to fit whatever machine you are operating.

The Grizzly Material Handling Grapple/Attachment includes the following:

  • Full customization in color, work ability, function, and necessities.

  • Affordable prices for fully custom grapple/attachments that cannot be beat by any other manufacturer. 

  • The head is customized to meet customer’s stick linkage bolt pattern

  • Any size grapple arm pins with long bushings for maximum pin life

  • Replaceable hardened bushings in grapple ears for extended pin/ear life

  • Typically, 3” grapple cylinder clevis for extended durability

  • Complete owner’s manual

  • Same day service & parts availability

Different facilities that utilize Grizzly Material Handling Grapples and Attachments:

  • Wood Mills

  • Recycling Centers

  • Landscaping

  • Rail Road Construction

  • Bridge Repair and Construction

  • Oil Companies

  • Hazardous Waste Facilities 

  • Wrecking Yards

  • Shipping Yards

  • Fishing Boats

  • Steel Mills

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